Time or pulse counters for DIN-rail mounting, multi voltage 12 – 150 V DC and 24 – 240 V AC, overall height 60 mm

Digital time or pulse counters with high visibility 7-digit-LC-display. You decide, which value should be indicated by this double counter. Two times time or pulses or even one time and one pulse indication. The heart of these counters is a new ASIC-component, which has been developed by BAUSER. This component enables a voltage range of 12 – 150 V DC and 24 – 240 V AC in just one unit. The single counters are available without or with a manual reset and with common or separate input.

Digital time and pulse counters 672R.6.X-X-X-X


Plastic light grey RAL 7035


LC-display, 7 digits (0.1 h resolution for hour counter)

Character height:

5 mm

Operating voltages:

12 V DC – 150 V DC und 24 V AC – 240 V AC ±10 % (in one unit)


50/60 Hz

Current consumption:

100 μA – 3 mA

Input resistance:

Approx. 120 kOhm (Count, Reset)

Protection (front):

IP65 (without reset button)
IP40 (with reset button), screw IP20

Ambient temperature:

–10 °C bis +70 °C

Stocking temperature:

–40 °C to +80 °C

Electrical connection:

Terminal Blocks (lift principle) with Philips-Head-Screw (+/– screw) in combination with slotted screw with 3 mm screwdriver size, 0–2.5 mm2 fine wire or 0–4 mm2 single wire

Max. torque:

0,5 Nm

Vibration resistance:

1 g (10...500 Hz) according to EN 60068-2-34

Shock resistance:

30 g (18 ms) according to EN 60068-2-27
25 g (6 ms) according to EN 60068-2-29


EN 55011, EN 61000-6-2

Industrial norm:

EN 61010, protection class II




Without, electrical or manual and electrical (sunk button, for example utilisable with ball point pen)


Approx. 75 g

Counting frequency / pulse counter:

Maximum 10Hz for AC signal voltage optionally higher counting frequency at DC-version

Data storage:

EEPROM (min. 25 years)


Snap-on fixing for DIN-rail according DIN EN 50022