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As versatile as your requirements: Complete solutions to visualise and control vehicle functions.

Whether installed in utility vehicles for the Off-Highway sectors, in forestry and agricultural applications or in industrial forklift trucks, lawn mowers, communal vehicles, scissor lifts and other specialised vehicles, BAUSER instrument clusters are always in vogue: The clear readability and easy plug-and-play installation allows complete solutions for the cost-efficient supervision and control of the vehicle.

Our wide range of solutions impresses by tailoring standard solutions to OEM requirements in an instant. An excellent view is granted on all kinds of data and error messages can be received on analogue and digital inputs as well as on CAN -Bus communication.

Thanks to enhanced standard features like country-dependent settings of languages and units (metric or imperial) these instruments are suitable to be sold worldwide.

Our creative expertise and long experience in business enable the vehicle-manufacturing sector to gain competitive advantage by technical improvement.

With BAUSER ’s intelligent standard solutions in hardware and software, any modification and complementary development is carried out easily, rapidly and cost-efficiently. The hardware tooling of the casings covers a wide range of dimensions and shapes as well as different PCB layouts designed for a variety of applications. The use of various micro-controller technologies ensures fast-customised software programming. On receipt of your hard and software specification, the pre-existing standard tooling and software will be amended or complemented, gaining time and saving money.

Do you require a customised front foil with your design and your company logo? We can offer the solution! BAUSER has decades of experience within the electronics and software engineering sector.

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As a modern and innovative family owned company with decades of experience in electronics, display and casing technology, we constantly strive to apply new technologies in the product development and the subsequent product industrialisation.

Our long-standing know-how from the product design to the series production guarantees a constant high »Made in Germany« quality level. Our qualified BAUSER -Team consisting of engineers, software developers, graphic designers and commercial assistants supports you at any stage of the project realisation. From the product design, through the electronics and the software application, to the final series production, our TEAM will assist you with the utmost care. The best evidence of this is the »A-level-supplier« rating of international leading OEMs for several years.

BAUSER – excellent in all phases of the project.

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Available in different casing dimensions, the reading of operating data is made especially comfortable with BAUSER displays. The front of the backlit display is protected IP67. At the rear the protection class of IP 65 can be achieved by using a sealed counter connector and a goretex membrane mounted in the casing.

These casings have been designed to be extremely shock and vibration resistant for the harshest applications and have been tested to the current standards for utility vehicles. A CAN-Bus interface enables the communication with other machine components (e.g. the engine control unit) via CANopen or SAE J1939. This interface is also used to configure machine data as well as making software updates keeping the instrument cluster flexible in the field application. The required software tools are made available by BAUSER.

We evolve continuously – with our clients and for our clients to become a system provider for the instrumentation.

Our current development: TFT Colour Display.

Our aim: design and develop system-orientated solutions with our clients.

We have complemented our range of display technologies, which offer different backlight colours, i. e. TN (Twisted Nematic) for 7-segment indication, ASTN (Advanced Super Twisted Nematic) for monochrome Dot-Matrix LCD visualisation by a comfortable and very flexible indication of vehicle data and error messages. These new TFT colour displays are available in the following dimensions 2.8”, 3.5”, 4.3” and in different resolutions i.e. QVGA 240x320 or 320x240 pixels and WQVGA 480x272 pixels for an »excellent« view irrespective of the viewing position.

Know-how from one single source at the pivot of your vehicles: The Cockpit.

Our clients include well-known manufacturers in the material handling and utility vehicle sector. We have also been supplying internationally recognised OEMs in the automation sector and heating industry for decades.

Simply outline your requirements to us or send us your specifications. We would be pleased to assist you. BAUSER solutions will give you an important advantage as our high level of automation through to the final assembly allows us to simply produce more efficiently.

Structuring production processes and their perfect coordination is what sets us apart. An excellent syntonized logistics with a smooth material flow guarantees economical processes leading to a high productivity with on-time deliveries.

Additional features under development: »video-input for a camera connection« as well as »touch-screen colour displays«.

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