BAUSER pulse counters electromechanical
– Lots of qualities

Whether for general quantity counting, for registration of connection frequency or result counting, these BAUSER electromechanical pulse counters are usable in different applications.

The AC and DC powered units are equipped with a 5, 6 or 7 digit display as well as with or without reset. They are easily mountable into surface or DIN-rail applications. Find more details in our website.

BAUSER digital pulse counters – ative in each dimensions

Electronic sum and pulse counters from BAUSER are available in all kind of applications and frontal dimensions. Thanks to modern ASIC Technology you have the possibility of DIN-Rail mounted variants to select between single and double counters. Especially innovative are the so-called "Twin-counters", which combine 2 counting values in only one display, for example as totalising, service and preselection pulse counter. That spares you space and money. If you wish to permanently read both values, you can of course get a 2 display counter from the BAUSER program.

Digital pulse counters are available with or without reset (electrical or manual) as well as relay or signal output. The voltage supply is possible from AC to DC, through universal supply (12-150 VDC and 24-240 VAC) to counters with an integrated lithium battery and potential free inputs. You can depend upon counting frequencies between 10 and 500 Hz. And thanks to the integrated EEPROM, we guarantee you a value safeguarding of minimum 25 years.