Interactive visualization, informing, controlling

Instrument clusters Instrument display

Whether in off-road utility vehicles, forestry and agricultural applications or in industrial lawn mowers, fork lift trucks, scissor lifts and specialised vehicles – BAUSER instrument clusters complement the aesthetics of OEM’s equipment, combining several single indication instruments into one unit, improving supervision and control.

Battery monitoring

BAUSER battery and time controllers – the tank gauge of electric operated vehicles Battery and time controllers supervise the batteries of electro-vehicles. The heart of these controllers is the BAUSER microprocessor technology complemented by an EEPROM for an environmental friendly data storage. The battery and time controllers simply supervise the remaining capacity of traction batteries and in parallel register the totalising operational hours and on request the service values.

Operating hours and Pulse counter

BAUSER hour counters electromechanical - the classic models always up-to-date With our well-known and rapidly mountable counters operational and service hours can be reliably registered improving the planning and supervision of production processes, maintenance intervals and warranty times. More details about dimensions, AC/DC voltage supplies, approvals as well as accessories like with/without reset, customer brands etc. can be found in our website column "catalogue“.