BAUSER battery and time controllers
– the tank gauge of electric operated vehicles

Battery and time controllers supervise the batteries of electro-vehicles. The heart of these controllers is the BAUSER microprocessor technology complemented by an EEPROM for an environmental friendly data storage. The battery and time controllers simply supervise the remaining capacity of traction batteries and in parallel register the totalising operational hours and on request the service values.

Confidence is good, but supervision is better

Information on the remaining capacity is supplied by either the coloured single segments or a coloured multi bar indication. In each case the special luminous LEDs are even readable from a distance and of course partial loadings are also permanently registered and indicated.

Right to suit your wishes

BAUSER battery and time controllers are factory set to different battery types, but later can be individually adapted by a potentiometer to suit your needs. A relay contact with a performance of 5A/24 V DC protects you against an expensive, exhaustive discharge. All units fulfil high industrial and vehicle specific testing standards and are worldwide listed at leading OEM customers. For technical details, please find them in the website.

Well developed in all details

For the indication of the discharge status of batteries, BAUSER offer very price attractive battery indicators in all variants. They indicate in steps the remaining capacity by 3 or 4 LEDs. An integrated time delay prevents from a non desired or too early relay cut-off, due to a short-term high weight. If the limit value of about 20 to 25 % of the residual capacity is reached, the red LED lights up and the relay closes. According to the utility vehicles, these units are available in different voltages. And of course there are also battery indicators without relay output available.